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 Are you ready to create and attract the life you were meant to live? Are you ready to live a life of peace and connection?

Returning to your heart and reconnecting to your purpose requires tools and guidance. Deep down, your inner compass knows what you need to get back to your innate power, but sometimes an outside influence helps your heart rediscover the magical hero hidden within.

HeartSoul Convergence is a guide to your inner self using HeartMath techniques. We help you reconnect with your heart space, to help realize your deepest desires.

Combining the power of your mind with the wisdom of your heart, you can create a wisdom-based heart leadership consciousness. You become the leader and hero of your own life portraying your true persona and attracting people that add incredible richness to your life.

We all have the choice, every day, to change our life for the better. It’s up to you to step into your own hero story and live the life that was meant for you and only YOU.

Not getting what you want?  We’ll help you create clear intentions for living with compassion, love, and clarity.

Live from the heart, be clear on your purpose, and keep your eye on the high road. You’ll attract what you desire.

 Discover. Nurture. Radiate.


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For many, there is a search for life’s purpose.  Humankind has been ‘disconnected’ for far too long.  There is a Unity consciousness that is a ‘quickening’ toward connectedness. 

First, it will require a connection between the heart and the soul. And then, that HeartSoul Convergence will bring about a connection with all of humanity on a higher level – a higher path of those who know who they really are, and why they are here.

Heart-opening is the first step to the HeartSoul Convergence.  This can be accomplished in several ways, and this, to me, is the easiest to learn, use and implement.  And… it’s science-backed, and evidence-based through HeartMath.

The second piece of the HeartSoul confluence is discovering your soul through the Akashic Records.  This is one path to access the Sum of all Knowledge of you — for your soul – past and present. 

Heart Coherence opens the gate to connecting with your Soul.

Integrity, Honesty, Compassion, and moving out of the “I” energy and into the “We”, is one of the side effects from a connected Heart and Soul. This Convergence brings to the surface a grounded, balanced, heart-centered leader – the one that has always been there. This empowered leader creates the opportunity to be the light within your sphere of influence.  Join us in the silent revolution of change. Help make the change through HeartSoul connectedness.

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What People Are Saying

I so appreciate all the caring comments from happy customers and consider it an honor to do this work.

An Architect of The New Earth, Jay Campbell is a global thought leader on biohacking and higher consciousness. His singular focus is Raising the Vibration to Optimize Love Creation!

"Teena has a true gift and is able to effectively receive, interpret and communicate information from your Akashic Records.  My reading with Teena was powerful, revealing authentic details on specific issues I requested.   Her manner and interaction is respectful and she reflects genuine concern throughout the process."

John, Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you so much for my lovely Akashic Record reading.  I feel so much lighter and hopeful.  The clearing of old stories that no longer serve me, helped immensely.
I loved your caring energy, and I will be making another appointment with you in the future."

Bonnie, Toronto, Canada

"The energy I felt coming through you felt authentic, pure and very loving. I was amazed at the accuracy of what was being relayed to me, and the guidance given by the Keepers to receive and implement into my life for spiritual growth. You truly are a beacon of light in our world of Light Workers!"

Brenda, Utah

"I was deeply moved by the information that came through Teena for my Akashic record reading. There is no doubt in my mind that Teena was grounded, connected, and in her heart, as my information was being shared through her. "
Kimberly, IN

"Teena provided a clear channel of communication from my guides and she described information about me that was very accurate, despite not knowing each other prior to our call."
Tracey, San Jose, CA

"Thank you for the beautiful reading this morning. The answers that you received from the Akashic Records to my three questions that I provided to you are so in line with what I’ve been feeling, I am in awe. "
Cindy, CA