About Teena Christel

Your Guide to Finding the Hero Within

Do you believe every cloud has a silver lining?

Teena did until…

 The loss of her youngest son, at just 23-years old. The heartbreak was inexpressible and unbearable.  With those deep feelings of grief, Teena slowly forged a new path. It was in this mourning process that she started meditating, became a Certified HeartMath Trainer and Coach, Reiki Master, and began working with tuning forks, crystal bowls and essential oils. It was through the incredible loss that Teena experienced and through her need to learn and grow that her unique healing ability began to emerge.

 Within her painful journey, a deep sensitivity to subtle energies arrived. Connecting to her heart, Teena reached her soul and Heart-Soul Convergence was born.

 This deep heart-connection evolved into a most beautiful gift – the gift of knowing. This was the silver lining within the loss.  For many years she ignored the gentle whispers, encouraging her to move into a heart-based presence, but no more.  Teena once again knew what every cloud possesses.

 Her heart was telling her to love and nurture herself, first and above all else, but it was her heartbreaking loss that took her deeper into that pure connectedness. It was this connectedness that opened her awareness of being in resonance with the Earth and nature and prompted further studies in Shamanism. 

Teena uses her HeartMath training and her unfortunate experience of great heartbreak to help clients discover and understand their own elusive ‘gift’ within. Teena knows that everyone has ‘more’ to express and offer.  Whether you find it due to loss, illness, trauma or an inner awakening, she’s there to help.

 Teena’s own emergence out of immense loss enhanced her inherent ability to listen to the language of the heart — a multi-dimensional aspect that she believes we all possess.  It’s simply a matter of listening to the messages of our own heart’s soft whispers.  When we do so, life leans toward us with more positive, encouraging experiences and synchronicities as opposed to harsh jolts and disruptions. 

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What People Are Saying

I so appreciate all the caring comments from happy customers and consider it an honor to do this work.

An Architect of The New Earth, Jay Campbell is a global thought leader on biohacking and higher consciousness. His singular focus is Raising the Vibration to Optimize Love Creation!

"Teena has a true gift and is able to effectively receive, interpret and communicate information from your Akashic Records.  My reading with Teena was powerful, revealing authentic details on specific issues I requested.   Her manner and interaction is respectful and she reflects genuine concern throughout the process."

John, Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you so much for my lovely Akashic Record reading.  I feel so much lighter and hopeful.  The clearing of old stories that no longer serve me, helped immensely.
I loved your caring energy, and I will be making another appointment with you in the future."

Bonnie, Toronto, Canada

"The energy I felt coming through you felt authentic, pure and very loving. I was amazed at the accuracy of what was being relayed to me, and the guidance given by the Keepers to receive and implement into my life for spiritual growth. You truly are a beacon of light in our world of Light Workers!"

Brenda, Utah

"I was deeply moved by the information that came through Teena for my Akashic record reading. There is no doubt in my mind that Teena was grounded, connected, and in her heart, as my information was being shared through her. "
Kimberly, IN

"Teena provided a clear channel of communication from my guides and she described information about me that was very accurate, despite not knowing each other prior to our call."
Tracey, San Jose, CA

"Thank you for the beautiful reading this morning. The answers that you received from the Akashic Records to my three questions that I provided to you are so in line with what I’ve been feeling, I am in awe. "
Cindy, CA