Akashic Records Guide

Discover your Gifts Hidden Deep Within

As an Akashic Records Guide, Teena’s gift digs deep into the truth of the soul.  She helps you rediscover the wisdom and love within your beautiful soul that may change the trajectory of your life. This work is a validation and clarification of the quiet whispers you’ve been hearing all along.


More about Akashic Records Guide

Akashic readings are the doorway of unfoldment to a clear, heart-based pathway of understanding one’s own soul.  This is an opportunity to have a rare glimpse into one’s own heart and soul, which is, perhaps, the key, and the hidden jewel within ourselves… to live with more awareness — less distractions.

Teena will ask permission to open your Akashic Records, and within that magical vault a variety of gems will arise to answer questions, provide simple truths and wisdoms that help guide, comfort and confirm life’s experiences.  With skillful translation, not as a psychic, but as a navigator through the soul, together we uncover enchanted aspects of life, that can provide a fresh perspective and a new path forward.

If you’re curious about the gift inside you – inside the complexity of that human that you are, Teena might just bring the clarity you seek.

What Are the Akashic Records?

Sometimes referred to as the Hall of Records or the Akash, the Akashic Records are a reference library within a field that holds the memory of all frequency and coding that was ever created within the Universe.  This information is protected within the Akash.


What Is an Akashic Session?

In an Akashic Session, a deeper meaning is revealed. Various levels of understanding form a picture as our soul experiences and evolves. The Record Keepers carefully share only that which will provide further growth of our soul. You’ll only hear what you are ready to hear for your individual path and consciousness level.

Each soul comes into this life, knowing – actually choosing – their family, their circumstances and their environment to provide certain experiences that result in certain outcomes.  Within that, they have free will.  As crazy as it sounds, we are quite involved in the ‘architecting’ of our own life’s path before our arrival – including the adventures.  And, all for the sake of the soul’s expansion and understanding.

Are you having fun yet? You should be.  Since you design your own life, all that you experience is what you create.  You can try as many different lives as you can handle, learning lessons doesn’t have to be painful. You develop multiple talents as you play along the way, within the boundaries of emotions and physical experiences, of course.


Akashic Records Readings

Receive answers to soul-based questions. Each question leads you to the understanding of your own soul’s path.  This is NOT a psychic reading.

$150 for a 50-minute Session

HeartSoul Convergence Journey

Experience a transformation that takes you on an inner journey from Head to Heart.  And from Heart to Soul. You’ll learn to step away from mind-based living, pulling powerful energy from your brain into your heart, using basic HeartMath concepts.

The combination of Akashic Records and HeartMath provide a foundation for reconnecting with your heart.  Learn how to tap into the inherent wisdom the heart, and bring you closer to your own soul – to your higher self – your Source.

$350 for (3) 50-minute Sessions



What People Are Saying

I so appreciate all the caring comments from happy customers and consider it an honor to do this work.

An Architect of The New Earth, Jay Campbell is a global thought leader on biohacking and higher consciousness. His singular focus is Raising the Vibration to Optimize Love Creation!

"Teena has a true gift and is able to effectively receive, interpret and communicate information from your Akashic Records.  My reading with Teena was powerful, revealing authentic details on specific issues I requested.   Her manner and interaction is respectful and she reflects genuine concern throughout the process."

John, Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you so much for my lovely Akashic Record reading.  I feel so much lighter and hopeful.  The clearing of old stories that no longer serve me, helped immensely.
I loved your caring energy, and I will be making another appointment with you in the future."

Bonnie, Toronto, Canada

"The energy I felt coming through you felt authentic, pure and very loving. I was amazed at the accuracy of what was being relayed to me, and the guidance given by the Keepers to receive and implement into my life for spiritual growth. You truly are a beacon of light in our world of Light Workers!"

Brenda, Utah

"I was deeply moved by the information that came through Teena for my Akashic record reading. There is no doubt in my mind that Teena was grounded, connected, and in her heart, as my information was being shared through her. "
Kimberly, IN

"Teena provided a clear channel of communication from my guides and she described information about me that was very accurate, despite not knowing each other prior to our call."
Tracey, San Jose, CA

"Thank you for the beautiful reading this morning. The answers that you received from the Akashic Records to my three questions that I provided to you are so in line with what I’ve been feeling, I am in awe. "
Cindy, CA