HeartMath with a Twist

Access your Heart’s Wisdom and Inner Knowing to Become the Best Version of Yourself.

What is HeartMath with a Twist?

As a HeartMath Trainer and Coach, I have witnessed hundreds of people (including myself) transform themselves in ways that cannot be explained by the mind.  Let’s just say it’s a little bit magical.

HeartMath has multiple, science-based benefits including overall health improvements through stress-management and resilience. It helps calm the emotional body while under pressure or stress. But there’s a twist…..

This work assists in calming the emotional body while under pressure or stress – sorely needed in these fast-paced times.  Knowing the secret recipe for replenishing our inner batteries is a basic life necessity.  And, heart-brain coherence results in improved wisdom-based choices.  Again, science backs this all up.  

However, here’s the “twist”…

I have experienced breakthroughs, in myself, releasing pent-up emotional blockages that aren’t discussed within the teachings of HeartMath .

Using HeartMath methods as well as other works, including meditation, provided a doorway to reconnect to a higher power. MY higher power – my soul, my wisdom space.  For me, this was completely unexpected and one of the most effective gifts of ‘self-healing’ I have experienced.  And, here’s the magic…

In my experience, prolonged practice of HeartMath techniques, reconnected me with my Heart, revealing this doorway to the soul.  This HeartSoul ‘convergence’ introduced an opportunity for an elevated connection directly to my soul’s wisdom – through the heart.  It’s like hours of meditation accessible in minutes.  Experience it for yourself.

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To have the ability to tap into the vast intelligence of our own Higher Wisdom and Universal Truths every day in our 3D lives is a gift beyond comprehension.  By showing love and focusing energy toward the heart, you show your body and consciousness that you appreciate all it does.  It sends a message to the soul that we appreciate having beautiful experiences while our ‘vehicle’ magically and happily completes all intricate tasks in perfect harmony every second, every day.

When we introduce the emotions of love, appreciation, care and joy toward our selves (and to others), our vibrational frequency elevates, bringing us into a coherent state.  Through the synchronization of the toroidal field, the electromagnetic field, we are able to ‘feed’ our consciousness with well-being, as opposed to fear, anger or frustration.  Our torus field is radiating the heart’s electromagnetic frequency which arcs out from the heart and back in – in the form of a donut.

The toroidal energy field exists around everything – people, trees, the earth, sun and the Universe itself.   Changing our emotions to ‘positive’ brings our field into a higher vibrational resonance, and with the magnetic field of the planet, which then sends out a signal that calls to it everything on that same ‘higher’ frequency.  It’s seriously like magic.  Truly… what we emit through our thoughts and emotions comes back to us in everyday experiences.  We call this to us.

If you like validation, and maybe are bit data driven, you might like the device that provides feedback on your level of coherence:

Did you know –  The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. The heart’s magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers.


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There are several ways to learn the ‘magic’ of HeartMath — through workshops, webinars, and coaching classes.  The first step is the commitment to learn the simple techniques. The second is to practice them.  For more information about the classes coming up, click below.