HeartMath with a Twist

Access your Heart’s Wisdom and Inner Knowing to Become the Best Version of Yourself.

A simple way to reduce anxiety & stress

As beautiful feeling Beings, we were not made to handle long-term highly stressful situations, but for many of us, that’s the environment we live in – especially now.

HeartMath is a non-profit organization that has proven that their science-based techniques benefit us on several levels, from general health improvements, stress-management and anxiety through learning heart-mind coherence which builds resilience. Our emotional and physical body feels and senses everything in our environment and that all that we think and feel.  When under pressure or stress, this autonomic ‘information’ reduces its natural ability to sense the inherent intuitive and sensory gifts we were born with… which are many, but we’ve forgotten how to use them as we’ve slowly become more dependent on all that is outside of ourselves.

The body of work offered here is to bring you back to your body, mind and spirit to naturally assist in calming the emotional body while bringing who you are into clear focus.  The basis of this learning is based on HeartMath techniques with a deepened understanding of how to re-connect with your heart and your higher self.  But the beginning is to get our bodies back in-sync with our own natural rhythms that can also be rejuvenated through connecting with Mother Earth.  As outside pressure mounts and stress sets in, it’s our responsibility to help our selves come back into balance.  Just like eating good, organic food and exercise is our responsibility. 

Understanding the simple ways to bring ourselves back into balance can literally change your life.  When we are in alignment with our thoughts, our words, our intentions (heart) and our emotions, we don’t just replenishing our inner batteries as a basic life necessity, but we set in motion our own future.  HeartMath’s heart-brain coherence is just the tip of the iceberg.  Within days of learning these simple methods you will find that your ability to improve your outlook on your own life and the bigger picture, which will bring more wisdom-based choices to mind.  Again, science backs this all up, but the heart is where the magic is.

In my own personal experience, consistent practice of HeartMath techniques alone can help anyone and everyone.  So check out my free mini-training every Wednesday morning.  You’ll find that connecting with your heart becomes a magical experience – more-so with practice.  For me, reconnected with my Heart, revealed a doorway to my soul.  

This HeartSoul ‘convergence’ work can introduce you to an opportunity for an elevated connection directly to your own soul’s wisdom – through the heart.  For me, it was like hours of meditation accessible in minutes.  Experience it for yourself.

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To have the ability to tap into the vast intelligence of our own Higher Wisdom and Universal Truths every day in our 3D lives is a gift beyond comprehension.  By focusing on higher frequency emotions and focusing energy toward the heart, we show our body and consciousness that we appreciate all it does.  It sends a message to the soul that we know and value who we really are.  The more often we are in this state, the more we magically attract all that we desire to our path.  We shape our future every minute of every day through our thoughts, feelings and words.

If you like validation, data and confirmation that you are ‘in the zone’ you might like the InnerBalance device that provides feedback on your level of coherence:

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There are several ways to reconnect with the ‘magic’ you were born with through reconnecting with yourself again — HeartSoul Convergence is that learning. The first step is the commitment to learn the simple techniques. The second is to practice them. For more information about the classes coming up, click below.