Respect for the Earth and Native American culture

A spiritual affinity with Native American history runs deep within.  An inner respect for their strength and honor for the land associated with their culture easily brought me to one of my first creative inclinations — to portray my viewpoints through natural, earthy, native-feeling images.

Art percolates deep from within our soul, so for me, it was natural and an immediate emotional release and connection.


Our Earth, the planet, is precious.  Having a healthy respect for her varied ways to express her ‘feelings’ has been long-held, even feeling somewhat ‘familiar’ in a way that might only come with a mutual understanding.


With an awareness of her untethered ability to share her distinctive moods over thousands of years, it is fascinating to now witness her most current manifestations.


Nature brings us ‘home’ to our heart, to our connection with our ancestry and particularly with the healing energies of our beautiful earth.  These energetic gifts are available to anyone, to everyone, just by virtue of your physicality – your physical body is naturally nourished by the resonance of the earth’s magnetic pulse.  

We have the magnificent gift from Mother Earth to heal our emotional imbalances, to expand our consciousness and awareness and support us spiritually – Like the Native Americans, it’s time to get back in touch with nature — our Earth.

Teena Christel